February 21, 2021


all information compliments of cots contracts.... 

acquired by St. Louis in trade from Colorado 2/1/21, with Arenado and both clubs agreeing to the following:

  • Arenado agreed to waive no-trade provision while retaining the right to block all future trades
  • Arenado agreed to defer $20M of his 2021 salary
  • Arenado retained his right to opt out of his contract after the 2021 season and also received the right to opt out of the contract after the 2022 season
  • St. Louis added one guaranteed year to Arenado’s contract at a salary of $15M for 2027
  • Colorado agreed to pay $51M, including Arenado’s 2021 salary of $35M ($15M paid as earned and $20M deferred) and 2027 salary