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Runs Batted In Per Game (RBI/g)

2014 Top 10 RBI/g

(1)Edwin Encarnacion .766   (2)Jose Abreu .738   (3)David Ortiz .732 

(4)Adrian Gonzalez .730  (5)Giancarlo Stanton .724  (6)Mike Trout .707 

(7)Devin Mesoraco .702  (8)Mike Trumbo .693  (9)Miguel Cabrera .686 

(10)Victor Martinez .682


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Runs Batted In Per Game (RBI/g)

2013-2014 Top 10 RBI/g

(1) Miguel Cabrera .801  (2) Edwin Encarnacion .748  (3) David Ortiz .742

(4) Jose Abreu .738  (5) Chris Davis .732  (6) Paul Goldschmidt .721

(7) Nelson Cruz .687  (8) Adrian Gonzalez .684  (9) Mike Trout .662

(10) Albert Pujols .655


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